I have been training with the fantastic Steve Tunstall for 15 months. In that time he has transformed my health, my fitness, my body and my outlook on life.

Steve is a totally dedicated and professional individual, who is boundlessly enthusiastic about his clients and their goals. I look forward to our twice weekly sessions not only for the challenge that they represent but for the fun that is to be had; I am inevitably pushed beyond my limits by Steve and yet - even when it really hurts - there is laughter every time.

Steve's technical ability and sports science knowledge comes into play constantly and whether I come away from the session with a greater understanding of how my body works, a new nutrition tip or a suggestion for training I can do on my own, I am always learning. I would never have imagined looking forward to a 6.30 am training session outdoors, particularly in winter, but I do!

Thanks to Steve's fitness training and nutrition advice I am fitter and slimmer than I have been for years. I have lost a total of 38 lbs to date. My body fat percentage has decreased by 10% and my resting heart rate has dropped by 15%. I have toned up so much that I have lost a total of 26 inches - including 6 inches from my hips and 4 inches from my waist.

Steve's commitment and approach extends far beyond the hour's session. About two months into our training, in July 2004, I announced that I wanted to run the London Marathon in April 2005. Given that I could barely run half a mile without stopping at that time, this should - and would - have been a totally impossible goal.

To Steve's great credit, not only did he support my decision but he also designed a programme of training, nutrition and sports massage which saw me safely through the winter months of training. As a result not only did I line up on the day in shape to finish - I completed the course in 5hrs 56mins 21s - but also got round safely and without injury.

Throughout the build up to the marathon itself Steve provided constant support and encouragement - his sports massage staved off injuries and his regular texts ensured that I remained motivated. And he was there to cheer me on the day.

None of my achievements would have been possible without Steve, whom I am delighted to recommend as a top flight personal trainer.