I first met up with Steve at the start of the year with an idea of taking my fitness to a different level. I wouldn't have described myself as being in terrible nick but being a perfectionist neither was I ultimately happy with where I was. I had reached a plateau where I was bored and stifled with training and needed experienced guidance to see far I could push myself.

I was aware of Steve's reputation for obtaining amazing results in short timeframes although I was still sceptical of what could be achieved especially given my demanding career and lively lifestyle. Following an evaluation Steve was bluntly honest and fair and made me realise exactly what was achievable and what I needed to do to get me there. He broke down every process clearly and simply, from diet to training methods to the strength/hypertrophy/rip training split. It was neither too extreme nor overzealous and more importantly was believable and achievable. Targets were set for a 4 month period, specific goals for weight, body fat and endurance and of course being flexible enough to train in different environments. Provisions were made for a current injury, future work commitments and any other setbacks, all the "what ifs" were catered for. Knowing what I had to do and when I had to do it managed my expectations and still allowed me to enjoy a similar lifestyle which was a balance I was desperate to keep.

The detail I underwent in terms of measurements in order to analyse progress certainly helped with attaining my targets. I started on 18.2% bodyfat and reduced this to 12% after the strength and hypertrophy phases and ended up on 5.8% after the RIP phase when my original target was 8%. My strength on the presses (bench, shoulder, leg) went up on average 29% over the strength phase and my endurance levels both muscular and aerobic are higher now than ever before.

Undoubtedly I had to work hard and maintain discipline and there were setbacks but Steve constantly kept my workouts fresh and varied incorporating methods I enjoyed (boxing and sprints) and if anything towards the end of the 4 month period my motivation rocketed on the back of what I was physically achieving. I am now actually at a level that surpasses what I set out to obtain and the sense of achievement is immense. I was aware of the other guys Steve had trained and the results they had obtained and although I've never met them its safe to say I now feel their satisfaction aswell. Steve knows exactly what he's doing, what you need to do to achieve your goal but more importantly provides that reassurance and guidance when you have doubts because you know deep down he'll get you there. The fact that he was also training my fiance simultaneously kept us both highly motivated in competing against each other during our wedding year! We've both thoroughly enjoyed training with him and are now looking forward to seeing how much further we can push our fitness levels.