My weekly PT session with Steve is the toughest but without doubt the best training I do. Although the epitome of health & fitness himself, he is completely client focused, modest & professional - without exception. Plus, in the couple of years Steve's been training me, every single session has been different.This alone has kept my motivation high because every week I learn something new - an exercise, technique, some physiology or a new way to get maximum results.

The added bonus is that I then incorporate these exercises and tips into my own workouts - making me far more efficient and effective when exercising in my own time. Steve does work you hard, but he clearly knows what he's talking about. I have always been fit and played a lot of sport, but since having PT with Steve and learning so much from him about how to achieve my goals - I am now fitter, leaner, stronger and healthier at 35 than I was at 25. He is dedicated, hard working and always a pleasure to train with. I wouldn't go to anyone else.