Benjamin Simon

After spending 6 months in France skiing I had lost the little muscle mass I had and substantially increased my body fat.

After contacting Senkai and having an incredibly insightful consultation with Steve, I left that day feeling 100% motivated and confident that I would transform quickly but also sustainably, increasing lean muscle mass and fitness all round.

Steve had no doubt that 4 months would show considerable difference. His commitment to me, made sure I was commited and dedicated to this goal.

I gained an education from Steve very quickly. He continuously explains every part of the training and diet in simplistic terms and directly relates them to specific benefits.

On a strict but also realistic nutrition plan, Steve highlighted the benefits of each meal, the timing and the importance of will-power. All made very simple and clear.

The training plan Steve put together was fantastic. Initially a daunting task, but with Steve's continuous motivation and changing the routine regularly it made a seemingly brutal 4 months very enjoyable.

The results were unbelievable. I was dumbfounded by the differences. I feel healthier, have more energy, I'm more focused at work and always in a good mood. I owe so much of that to Steve and Senkai. It would have been impossible to get these results in that time otherwise.

I continue to train with Steve and will do indefinitely. He and I have set bigger goals that WILL be achieved!