I've been training for many years, both on my own, and at various Gyms.

I've had hundreds of programmes from well meaning yet ignorant in house instructors, and taken sporadic and pointless instruction from a selection of Men's Health magazines.I've been on tour several times and probably visited 80% of the world's best and worst equipped health centres.I have tried to increase certain body parts, and decrease others. But having the build of a medium M&S Coat-hanger, I have felt that I've been attempting the impossible.

Enter Steve Tunstall.

Originally Steve arrived to train my daughter who was looking to improve her general fitness whilst applying makeup during her cardio sessions. Unfortunately for her, she quickly ran out of funds, and, like a good father, I considered coming to the rescue. Instead I took her place.

Quickly inheriting a pair of large Pink Boxing Gloves from my wife, I set about to improve my condition on a weekly basis with Steve. Avoiding the jibes of my increasing age and a reluctance to appear at 3 30am to run 16 miles, I have spent the last couple of years enjoying my regular sessions of Cardio,Weights, circuit training, and general punishment both in my garden, and in the local park, which we share with excited dogs,and bleeping cassettes telling me to run faster. (what is that all about?).

The positive side to a weekly session is the fact that it does focus the mind and the body in a very specific way. The combination of regular runs, a detailed programme, and a necessary variety of routines not only helps me with my day to day work in the recording studio, but gives me a head start when I'm away touring, and wondering how and where I can regularly work out.

I look forward to my sessions and feel very happy that Steve is there to encourage, shout, and keep us as fit as we chose to be.

Excellent stuff, Steve.