Before I started training with Sean I had been going to the gym for a couple of years, training on my own without ever making much progress. It was quite frustrating as I never seemed to get anywhere, and would find that I would loose a bit of weight, and then just put it back on again. I was also suffering with acute Achilles tendonitis that was causing me problems in the gym, and also in my day to day life. I wasn't able to jog, and would be in quite a lot of pain even with walking.

Sean tailored my initial exercise program to tackle the tendonitis as well as my general fitness, and after a few weeks I noticed a significant improvement. I was able jog short distances again, and could walk without any pain which was fantastic! I've now trained with Sean for 10 months, and am the fittest and leanest I've been for 10 years. My body shape has changed greatly; I have lost almost 2 stone and have shed over 6inches off my waist!!

Sean always varies the training so that we don't do the same thing week after week, and I know that he personally wants me to improve, and change my lifestyle for the better. Last week I jogged 5k which was a real achievement (as I'm not built like a long distance runner!), and feel that with Sean's help I can really improve at lot more, and achieve the fitness level and physique that I've always wanted.