I wanted to build a lean, strong and functional physique. One that  would look good, but also one that allowed me to be successful in my chosen sports of rock climbing and mountaineering. I wanted a well proportioned body, but one that was not just for show. After knowing of Steve’s reputation for so many body transformations, I knew he was the best man for the job. So I asked Steve to help me get me on the front cover of a magazine and up mountains!....After many hrs of consultation face to face, over the phone and by email, Steve designed  a bespoke programme and training sessions  using the principles from their renowned Senkai Bodi Programme.

I wrote down everything I ate over a period of a week, we talked through it and related back to my programme. My knowledge of nutrition was fairly good, but discussing it with Steve and developing food stratergies really helped. It was really helpfully to have someone to bounce ideas off and have someone that was so interested in what I was eating.....nutrition is such an important part of training.

Having done a lot of training previously, many years ago, I needed a programme that was different and kept me interested. The Senkai Programme definitely provided this. At first it was daunting, it was high above a level I could attain in the gym. But it gave me something to aim for, week by week I got fitter and stronger, and got closer to the targets set out in the programme. It was tough but rewarding. it's a different kind of training and as such gave me a new improved kind of fitness and strength.

The personal training sessions were extremely challenging!! I've had training sessions with Steve I never thought were possible to complete, but Steve pushed me through them and the results were amazing. It's not just a case of him pushing you to the edge, it's the variations in the training and the principles behind them, constantly advising me why this exercise, and under this principle. He was always genuinely focused on my progression, and what I was doing in the gym. that's something that's hard to find in a trainer.

After seeing the results after 12 weeks I was extremely pleased and taken back by how quickly i had achieved them. I hit a level of conditionig I had never attained before, and at times that I never thought I would hit! Then 4 weeks later, through my after photos being posted to different agents and magazines I achieved a childhood dream of appearing on the front cover of Men’s Fitness.

The whole experience for me was incredible, it will be something I'm forever proud of. So many guys are seen and considered for these covers and adverts, and to be top of the pile makes me feel incredibly lucky. On the other hand, I know how much work I've put into getting where I am now. I gave up a lot of my favourite foods, cut my drinking right back and sacrificed a lot of nights out to get down the gym or to be up at dawn training. So although I feel privileged to have done what I’ve done in such a short space of time, having worked hard for it makes it even better.

Most people, like myself, have to put the hours in! In terms of the future, every week brings new challenges and work opportunities, and after successfully modelling for high profile brands like Locozade and major underwear companies already....the future looks bright and very exciting. It's exciting that the training with Steve and his programme design has snowballed into what could potentially be a new career for me.

Steve was over the 4 months, and continues to be a massive influence in my training. His support was amazing before and during the programme, providing me with motivation when he knew I'd be low such as a lead up to a big photoshoot where I had a massive calorie dececit. These times were especially tough to train in but Steve made sure I was hitting my targets. He continues to be someone I'm continually bouncing ideas off, and he is always coming up with new challenges and training methods to keep me motivated.

What is next??... The human flag (to imitate a flying flag by holding onto a exercise bar horizontally) is something I've been looking into recently, we have started to include some specific strengthening exercises to build up to it. It's a huge challenge, that's why it interests me so much! It’s probably the highest test of functional strength.

I would like to thank Steve for his un waivered support. He would always ring when he knew I needed a chat, or would be low on motivation, and he would provide it. Steve has high standards and that made me look at the things I knew needed changing in my training and in my diet, and we changed them!  A lot of things he did were way above the call of duty for a trainer, so I'd like to thank him for that. As you can imagine, I would recommend Steve to anyone looking to transform their body shape. His knowledge, experience and passion for you to succeed is fantastic, he will not let you fail or think otherwise.