When I first met Jamie I had just suffered a bout of food poisoning and hadn't managed to eat for a few days, but still weighed in at a shocking 18st! I knew that my weight was a big concern for the benefits of my future health and thought my lifestyle was in some need of drastic change.

Together with Jamie we sat down and worked out how I was going to lose 6st, through exercise and diet. I suppose being a maintenance man at an independent school I was lucky to have access to a fully equipped gym and school dinners.

I decided I was going to see Jamie every Monday afternoon once a week, where he would put me through a workout, which I was to follow for the coming week. He also set me a target weight loss for the next training session.

I noticed each week the weight was literally flying off and before long people began to comment about my new physique and how much my confidence had increased, especially around the opposite sex!

After five months my weight had gone down to a staggering 12st and I even set myself a new challenge to climb Kilimanjaro, which six months previously I never even dreamed of doing!

Thank you Jamie!