Well where do I start, my journey to fitness has been an eventful one. I ve been training with Steve now for 2 years. He has helped me overcome hurdles that I thought were never possible. Through our training we've shed over 2 stone, lost inches all over my body, and improved my fitness massively. In 2006, I decided I had to do something for my little daughter Lola who has a disability, so I set myself the target of completing the London Marathon in aid of her own charity.

With Steve I trained in the cold, the heat, the rain, the snow, at all hours of the day, fighting to get me fit in time for the big day.Steve constantly guided me on the right nutrition, kept track of my body composition, and was there 24/7 on the phone for added motivation outside of our sessions. Make no mistake, I am not a normal runner, but as each week went on, I felt I was achieving targets that wouldn't even enter into my dreams.

Our sessions involved long endurance 3 hour runs, speed training, x training, and strength sessions. Whether at my house, or Richmond Park, Steve would meet me to help focus on the task ahead, and take me to new levels of achievement in my training. Each weekend I was going out running 13-15 mile runs on my own, where in the past walking to the shops was an effort.

On a very hot Sunday morning in April 2007 I finally ran the London Marathon, and finished the race in 5 hours 28mins. It was one of my greatest achievements to date, and Steve I wouldn't of got there without you son!!