At 46, the motivation to improve or change can be difficult to find. Its not as if I was dramatically overweight or out of shape, but I just didn’t feel “right” and for me, my body was out of control. I had tried my hand at boxing for starters and thoroughly enjoyed the workouts. Although I shed some weight and learned how to box, it wasn’t the direction I wanted to go as far as how I wanted to appear. Plus the travel to and from the gym wasn’t exactly the easiest and by the time I got home I rarely enjoyed any quality time with the family.

I looked around for personal trainers in the local area, someone who can come to the house and give me the attention and bespoke program I desperately needed to get the results I wanted. Fortunately I found Senkai and of course my trainer, Steve.

Steve gave me everything I wanted; a personally tailored conditioning program, a daily food/dietary plan, specific goals for weight, body fat and endurance and of course training at home. And Steve not only gave me the incentive and encouragement I needed during our sessions, but also the self-belief and self-confidence that someone my age can achieve anything.

The road wasn’t easy; session #1 ended half way into the hour as my calf seized up (due to my inactivity over the last 3 years) so bad that the neighbours almost called 999 for fear someone had been brutally attacked. After the first 2 months, the results were astonishing; significant weight and body fat loss that gave me the mental boost I needed to believe that I can get to where I wanted to be. Within 12 weeks I had lost over 2 stone of body fat, reduced to a 30 inch waist, running a mile in 6mins 30 seconds, and achieving a VO2 max Cooper test of 2780 metres (highest grouping for my age)

We then embarked on reshaping how I looked, building muscle to create a more athletic physique, while at the same time keeping my weight constant; i.e. burning fat and increasing muscle. Discipline was of upmost importance, both in training on days when I wasn’t with Steve as well as my detailed food plan designed each stage by Steve.

After 12 weeks into stage 2, I had a 40+ inch chest and overall a much bigger physique. But, I wasn’t ripped and to be honest at that time, I didn’t think it was or should be one of my goals. I had already been in the best condition I had been in over 20 years and of course I looked much better than the “before” pictures.

I knew Steve had a reputation for acheiving front cover magazine physiques from ordinary people, but I never thought I could accomplish anything close. After all, I worked 12 hour days, have a family that I hardly ever get to enjoy quality time with and the biggest deterrent in my mind was…my age. We decided to give it a shot…10 weeks of the intense Bodi Sculpture Programme to completely take me to the next level.

The results are truly unbelievable as you can see for yourself. Although I doubted not only my ability to get to where I am today but also my own mental and physical toughness, under Steve’s guidance and expert advice I have a body that only guys my age can dream of having. The experience is one I will never forget and although it left us both asking “what’s next?” I know whatever challenge Steve has in store for me over the next year, I am more than up for the challenge, both mentally and physically.

Steve have changed my life and I am forever grateful. I could not have achieved anything without his guidance, belief and most of important of all, his friendship. Who would have thought after being “shot in the leg” on our very first session that we would have achieved what we did today; and I sincerely mean the word “we” as he has motivated me and provided me with the inspiration to get to a level not just 40-somethings would dream of, but any guy on the planet.