I decided to take a chance and get some personal training sessions with Steve because this is my wedding year and naturally I want to look my best especially in the pictures. I was initially quite reluctant as i have had personal training sessions with other trainers in the past but found that instead of looking forward to them i dreaded them due to the trainer not understanding my goals and pushing me to my ultimate limit every time but not actually seeing any results. However on consultation with Steve i was immediately sold, he was honest and realistic with me and although i have always been a size 10 he was able to understand that i wanted to be the best i could possibly be.

I would describe myself as a sporty person and i have always exercised 3-4 times a week however i discovered that some of the exercise i was doing was actually detrimental to the physic i wanted to achieve due to being a natural muscle builder. Steve was able to tailor a program to reach my goal of having a 'catolouge body' which included cardio sessions (long runs and interval training) and weights additionally he gave me a healthy eating plan. I have found that the huge difference between Steve and other personal trainers is, that he is not just there for the hour session but he provides constant support, i have personalised weekly programs sent to me and follow texts and phone calls to ensure i understand them and to keep me motivated.

I am over the moon with my new lean toned figure and even better it only took 4 months of discipline and determination but i could not of achieved any of it without the expertise Steve provided throughout and as a result i plan to carry on with my sessions after the wedding.