Sean was the 5th personal trainer I had used in 5 or 6 years. While they had all been friendly guys and seemed good trainers at the time, the difference on finding the real thing in Sean was staggering.

There are many things that stand out about Sean as a personal trainer but particularly his professionalism and determination. If you want results from your training then these qualities are sure to hold you in good stead. Sean takes it personally whether you achieve your goals. He doesn't want to fail so he does all he can to ensure that you achieve your targets.

Clearly to obtain results from training you need both a good trainer and also appropriate effort from the person being trained but Sean is excellent at motivating his clients he knows when you need encouragement, when some quality advice will be useful and when someone needs to tell you the hard truths.

While working with Sean I have lost 4 stone in 15 months and become far, far fitter than I have been at any time in the last 20 years. Obviously I have had to be very focussed and committed and with Sean's motivation and encouragement, for the first time I believed that my efforts and determination would prove worthwhile. Training is ultimately all about what you're prepared to put in but Sean is skilled at getting the best out of you.

Every single training session differs and is innovative to stop you getting bored while he knows how to push you that bit further than you think is possible. Whatever your aims for fitness and health, I would thoroughly recommend Sean as knowing exactly how to help you reach your potential while doing so in a friendly, genial and focussed manner .