Rekha Bansil


After having 2 children in my twenties I managed to gain a tremendous amount of weight,7 stones. I felt extremely over weight. Fat, frumpy, unfashionable and miserable. My weight gain led to low self-esteem. I felt that I was trapped within a vicious circle, low self esteem led to feeling depressed, eating more and thus further weight gain.

I then decided one day that I no longer wanted to continue being this miserable person. As a result I plucked up the courage to join the local gym. Slowly I began exercising and noticing some small improvements. However I realised that the change was almost too slow. I needed both moral support motivation and reinforcement. I then found and approached Sean.

Sean's innate ability to motivate and reinforce led to me feeling more positive about myself and achieving results that I thought would be beyond my horizons. He has taught me that belief, discipline, and commitment really can enable any individual of any shape and any size to achieve the result that they want to.

His professionalism, discipline, commitment and continued personal development to his job has enabled me to be only 1 stone away from my personal goal. Sean has managed my weight through monitoring of food and exercise. I cannot emphasise the support that I have received from Sean. The hard work has been worth it and I always look forward to my training sessions with Sean. Be prepared for fun, intensity and an array of exercises that will really get you heart rate pumping!.