My name is Ronnie Layton, I started training about 2 years ago. I was not the fittest of people as you can probably see from my before picture. One day I looked in the mirror and thought to myself, \'do I really want to be this podgy all my life\', the answer was no, and so I decided it was time to do something about it.

At first I started going to the gym, casually working out just doing an hour here and there and not really having a proper routine. After a couple of weeks I started to get bored and lose motivation and returned to my previous ways of eating junk food and lazing about in my spare time. This is when a friend of mine advised me to try a personal trainer. Initially I thought it was a bad idea and a waste of money but I tried it anyway. I decided to do 1 day a week just to help me out give me advice and keep the motivation going. However on the first day Sean took my measurements and noted my body fat (27%) and it was then when I really realized how out of shape I really was.

So I decided to take things a lot more serious. I first started training with Sean twice a week and within 4-5 weeks or so noticed great changes to my body. I quickly lost about a stone, felt I had more energy and generally started looking better and feeling better about myself! Most of all I really started to enjoy my training as I felt I was getting somewhere. As well as planning my training sessions, Sean also advised on diet and correct supplementation that would help to compliment my training. I was so pleased with Sean's service and the results I was achieving that I decided to increase the amount of sessions per week to four and have absolutely no regrets doing so whatsoever.

We now train regularly together and work through phases to focus on strength, muscle building, fat reduction and functional movements. I have shed over 15% body fat and completely changed shape. I now feel I can be fitter and build a better body than I ever thought possible. I highly recommend Sean to anyone out there, whatever the purpose, in my opinion he has a great depth of knowledge in health and fitness and I would be confident he can help you whatever your goals may be.