I crossed the line at last year's Flora London Marathon (2006), still running, still feeling fine and still in shock that I was running the Marathon at all. Only a few short months prior to this, I had not even managed one whole circuit around our local park, without stopping, as I began my regular training sessions with Steve.

So,why did I go in for personal training and why the marathon?

Five years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.It was a shock, since I had always enjoyed really good health. When something like that happens, the one shared experience that we all seem to have, is the sense that we have lost control of our lives. To combat this, as much as possible, I sought ways to regain some control. I became even more committed to organic produce with regard not only to food, drink and cosmetics,but also household cleaning products etc... Of course, there is no point in addressing only diet, without considering regular exercise and I had become very bored with my local gym. The staff seemed disinterested in their clientele and were generally underwhelming in the charm department!!

My daughter, Jemma, recommended her personal trainer to me. And Steve Tunstall turned up on our doorstep bright and early one Thursday morning, full of enthusiasm, energy and encouragement.Since that day I have hardly known one week where something hasn't ached or twinged! But when he suggested that I enter for the marathon as a way to spur me on to greater efforts, I knew that I had something to run for. I would run to raise money to help further the research work of the charity, Breakthrough Breast cancer. I had made a full recovery from the disease and it was my way of giving back somehow. The last mile of the 2006 marathon was a true Chariots of Fire moment for me.Steve, along with my family, was there at mile 13, 18 and 26.2 - yelling encouragement and waving a banner, despite the pouring rain! (Steve being the only spectator who looked as though he had just stepped out of the hairdressers. Hair waxed to within an inch of its life!!).

I am an actor and presenter, by profession. To survive in the media world you need so much more than raw alent. You need to be a good time keeper, keep your fees reasonable, keep looking good, keep sober (!) and keep on being prepared to learn. You know that the competition is tough and often the bottom line for the producer of a programme is who do I want to spend the next few weeks/days with? And it isn't going to be the grumpy one!!

When these criteria are applied to Steve, folks! The man SHINES!! I've never been fat, but taking Steve's tuition, I'm much more toned up. I've never been really unfit, but with positive encouragement and direction from Steve, I have run a marathon. My skin has always been fine, but now it definitely glows (or is it simply my age and the hot flushes?). I have struggled with depression in the winter, but much, much less since I have been running and training.

Steve has become a family friend, but has never lowered his commitment to keeping us in great shape. He walks the talk, is a great laugh, oh and he runs the extra mile!